Custom Service Level Agreements

Last updated: May 1st 2021

Webdock offers custom SLA's that fit your business. You can either buy packages of support hours, or go for a monthly subscription. Please see pricing and Terms and Conditions below.

Ad-hoc support

Ad-hoc support is € 22.00 billed by every 15min commenced,

Pre-paid hours

You can buy packages of pre-paid hours with a minimum of 5 hours. These hours are valid for up to 6 months from the date of purchase.

Hours Price Discount
5 € 427.5 5%
10 € 810.00 10%
15 € 1,181.25 12.5%
20 € 1,440.00 15%

Monthly subscriptions

You can also choose to pay a monthly fee and get a set number of support hours from Webdock. These hours must be expended in the month purchased and thus do not roll over to following months. Any unused hours are not refunded.

Hours/Month Price Discount
5 € 400.00 11.11%
10 € 775.00 13.8%
15 € 1,000.00 25.9%
20+ € 1,300.00 / 20h 27.7%

Support hours expand our support boundary beyond just making sure your Webdock server works. We will be able to help you with configuration, software setup, debugging and much more.

If you are interested in a custom SLA please contact Webdock support

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